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Welcome Back To The Clinton Book Shop ALICE OLDFORD Are you eager to embrace the outdoors and what Mother Nature has to offer, get your family involved or perhaps learn some local history? You can find what you need in Hunterdon and the surrounding Counties. Check out Taylor Steelworkers Historic Greenway in High Bridge, a wonderful source of history dating to the Revolutionary War. For an environmental lesson, try Merrill Creek Reservoir in Washington Township, Warren County. Enjoy a family picnic in the shade along the Black River at Hacklebarney State Park, Chester Township, Morris County. Beauty and serenity are available right here in New Jersey, the most densely populated state in the United States. I hope this book will encourage you to explore the possibilities. Alice Oldford has been a trail lover since childhood when riding her horse on the well-developed trails of the Watchung Reservation in Union County was a treat. Later when there was no longer a steed at hand, her own feet served her well. Then she learned about the benefits of exercise and endorphins and just kept walking. Her first book, You Can Get There from Here -- Hiking Hunterdon County Trails, in collaboration with Sue Dziamara, grew from their walking and exploring in Hunterdon County and wishing to share the wealth. This book broadens the quest.
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  Welcome To The Clinton Book Shop Martin Coleman 10% of all proceeds will be donated to the Clinton Fire Department. Jesus is a young boy who dreams of one day becoming one of "New York's Bravest" - A New York City firefighter. As he grows up, both faith and fate play important roles in the shaping of his moral character. He must overcome a great personal challenge to attain his goal. Along the way he learns positive life changing lessons of honesty, integrity and devotion. Thomas J. Vito and Martin E. Coleman stood side by side at the foot of the World trade Center Towers, watching in horror and dismay as two hijacked commercial airliners slammed into the twin skyscrapers, reducing them to crumbling heaps of twisted metal and smoldering debris. Left in the wake of the assault were the broken hearts and shattered dreams as thousands of innocent victims, their families and their loved ones who have bravely honored the spirits of those souls whom our brave First Responders valiantly attempted to rescue and save on that solemn day. Their timeless, heartfelt story pays tribute to the souls who lost their lives and honors the dedication and selflessness of the First Responders who valiantly attempted to rescue and save the innocent victims on that solemn day. This book is meant to serve as a "bridge" to help future generations connect to the events of September 11, 2001 as well as provide a message of inspiration and hope to help prevent such acts of intolerance and disdain from occurring in the future. The events of that day and the months that followed as Thomas and Martin returned each morning to their office located adjacent to Ground Zero, cemented the men's bond and led them to bring to life a vision Thomas had, a dream in which he imagined, "What if Jesus were a New York City Firefighter?" This book is the manifestation of their desire to bring light from the darkness of 9/11.
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