Author Consignment

The Clinton Book Shop is happy to take on consignment your independently published title. Because shelf space is valuable, we will accept a maximum of three copies of your title. Products other than book items will be individually determined.

We expect to divide the retail price of the as follows 60% consignor and 40% Clinton Book Shop.

We will keep consigned items for three-months. It is the responsibility of the consignor to contact the Clinton Book Shop at the end of this three-month period to check on the status of their consigned goods. All unsold items not picked-up at the end of this three-month period may be donated to an appropriate entity or otherwise distributed. The Clinton Book Shop will not assume responsibility for any product not sold after this three-month period. If all three copies of your book sell, we will contact you for additional copies.

Your title will be included on our local authors shelf; however, other options available are listed below. Any fees must be in advance. Option is available only at the time the agreement is signed. All options will be executed at the discretion of the Clinton Book Shop and within 30-days of the signing of this agreement.

Optional Promotions Available To Consignor:

  1. Web site position = $30.00 (Local Author Page, 60-day period)

  2. Newsletter Block = $40.00 (distribution with link to authors page, restrictions apply)

  3. Facebook promotion = $30.00 (2 events w/link to authors web site, restrictions apply)

  4. Front display Face Out = $30.00 per month. (includes window position for one-week when available)

  5. Special: Newsletter, web site and face-out combination = $80.00

  6. The fee for hosting an event is $125.00 and includes all promotions noted above except front out display.

In addition we request that you do not come for pick-up or payment on Saturday or Sundays