Dan North Slow Walker

Meet Local Author: DAN NORTH

(a.k.a., The Slow Walker)

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52 beautifully constructed essays depicting a year of one retired journalist and his love of walking in the woods.  Although Dan lives in a city, he reports to getting a little “jittery” if away from the moss covered ledges of the nearest wooded land. Dan North is “The Slow Walker.”  To learn more about Dan and to read more of his essays, visit his web page on the Upper Raritan Watershed Association’s web site by

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Dan North was born in New York City in 1935.  After graduating from college in 1955 Dan hitchhiked and drove around the United States for four years, working mainly in construction.  From 1959 until he retired from full-time work in 1999, Dan served as a reporter on daily newspapers and as an editor for a labor union magazine. 

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Dan is now a part-time writer, editor and teacher.  He has taught journalism at City College of New York since 1998.  Dan is the co-author of Not For Bread Alone (Cornell University Press, 2002), the memoir of hospital union leader, Moe Foner. 

Dan is the father of two sons and has four grandchildren.  Dan lives with his wife Tara Levy in Jersey City, near the Hudson River.