Donation Requests

Thank-you for inquiring about a donation for your organization from the Clinton Book Shop. Every year we receive numerous requests for help. As a locally owned independent bookstore we would love to help the best way we can, especially when working with a non-profit organization that promotes literacy, reading, books, helping locally, the arts, learning and education. Unfortunately due to the volume of requests we get, we can not help everyone out. Therefore we have set some guidelines for requests:

1. We do not provide cash donations or sponsorships.

2. It is at our discretion on the type of donation and amount that we would like to give. It could be a gift certificate (must be used by date on certificate and is not exchangeable for cash), a book(s) (non-returnable) or if you are requesting advertising we will choose the size of the ad.

3. Must fit into our mission of promoting literacy and reading, learning and education, the arts, helping out those of need in our community and the donation must help out locally in our community and surrounding areas of Clinton, New Jersey.

We review written requests monthly. Submit your requests using USPS or bringing to the bookshop by the 3rd Monday of the month before you would like the donation. We do not accept e-mail or facebook requests for donations. Provide the following information with your request:

a. Date of Event or when you like the donation by

b. Name of Organization/Event with contact information (phone number, address, e-mail, website, etc.)

c. Is the organization of registered non-profit? If not, explain.

d. Who is the beneficiary of the donation?

e. Name/phone number/e-mail of person making the request?

f.  Additional documents to support the request such as a brochure, request letter on organization letterhead, donation form, etc..