An Evening With Marty the Psychic

Please Note: This is a ticketed event. The cost of a ticket is $30.00 and this does include a signed of Marty's new book, Soul Bonding. There is limited space, so please contact the book shop directly at 908-735-8811 to reserve your space. 

The following is from Marty's website. 

Marian T. Zinicola, also known as “Marty the Psychic,” is internationally known for her readings in which she bonds with the souls of the dead in order to relay messages to their loved ones. She has done private readings for people of all ages, cultures and professions ranging from professional athletes and TV personalities to artists, musicians and even award-winning composers. She has received messages from musical icons such asMichael Jackson, Jim Morrison, John Lennon and “Biggie” Smalls. Marty does these readings in her home as well as at “Marty Parties” at clients’ homes from New York to California. Marty has also conducted readings via the telephone in extenuating circumstances or for those who are abroad as far as Europe and the Caribbean.

For almost two decades, Marty has been very involved in crime solving, working on forensic investigations with various law enforcement officials including the New York Police Department, the FBI and the CIA. She has worked on high-profile cases such as missing persons, burglary and homicide cases. When necessary, Marty has gone to clients’ homes to do house blessings when there is an evil or demonic presence in their home.

After the tragedy of 9/11, Marty, a native New Yorker, helped initiate healing for many of the victims’ families and friends. She worked with them extensively to find closure and set future goals as many of them had not been able to see a future on their own. Marty still continues in the healing of these families, as many of the victims’ children were newborns or infants when the Twin Towers went down. In her own unique way, Marty enables a son to know his father whom he lost that fateful day or a daughter to connect with her mother whom she might not remember.

Marty is also known in many creative circles as a muse since she helps clients to execute their work in order for them to achieve their final result. She has helped musicians complete scores, costume designers finish a dress, architects draw their plans, choreographers complete their routines and authors finalize their books through her inspiration. Marty has given advice and guidance to professionals in all fields. 

Marty also helps families find estranged loved ones whose whereabouts have been unknown, often for decades. She has successfully aided adult children of adoption in reconnecting with their birth parents. Marty is very medically intuitive, like her “nonna” who passed down to her the gift of mediumship. Thus, clients receive the benefit of a diagnosis, often prior to their own doctor’s findings. She also is able to detect if someone is struggling with a weight disorder, such as anorexia, without meeting or seeing the person.

Event date: 
Saturday, November 11, 2017 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm
Event address: 
12 East Main St
Clinton, NJ 08809-1410