John Beavin

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Author John Beavin uses The Parable of the Stars to explain the way people struggle between individualism and collectivism. As we separate and grow into distinct people, we feel guilty that we have destroyed the whole to gain our individuality.

We feel a sense of separation, which fosters fierce competition, pitting us all against each other in an endless struggle to be the best. These constant rivalries only leave us exhausted, hopeless, and unable to see our own brilliance as a whole.

The Parable of the Stars is a story of rediscovery as the stars come to remember their true beauty and power within their oneness as the single beautiful Light. This shift in perception has already changed the lives of many people and is sure to affect many more the same way.

John Beavin is the author of hundreds of original songs. Primarily a songwriter/musician/vocalist, in 1987 he published Sing Yourself a Miracle, a kind of “how to” biography that includes sheet music to the 12 original songs he recorded on an album titled Natural Flying. John has seen many people turn their lives around by choosing the simple shift in perception described in The Parable of the Stars. John and his wife, Lainie, reside in Lebanon Township in New Jersey. When not writing or performing, John and Lainie enjoy co-facilitating weekly A Course in Miracles classes, as well as maintaining and sharing their garden in the woods surrounding their stone home, which they hand-built together.

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