Kathleen Gasior: A Skirt In The Ranks



Jules Petersen had the perfect life. She had an amazing job and a wonderful husband. Then, 9/11 happened, the towers fell, and Jules’s life was destroyed.

Mourning her husband, who died in the attack, Jules struggles to rebuild her life and ends up reinventing herself in the process. Jules aces her boxing and Krav Maga classes and begins a new career as an executive protection professional for Robert Williamson, a charismatic billionaire with a stalker and a secret.

The other members of Williamson’s security detail don’t take kindly to a woman joining their ranks, and even Williamson was thinking more about PR than security when he hired Jules. She will have to prove herself to a group of very skeptical men who have made a career out of seeing the worst in people.

There’s also Lieutenant Ramon Ramirez, the leader of the security detail and Jules’s toughest critic. He doesn’t believe a woman can do this job and insists she prove herself in the field. As Jules stands up to his arrogant arguments, she can’t help but see another side to Ramon. An intense attraction develops, and Jules isn’t sure she wants to fight it…

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ISBN: 9781512175882
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Published: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - June 17th, 2017