Our Used Book Policy

Below are the guidelines that have been applied to our used-book policy. We do not purchase books for re-sale at this time. Please call at 908-735-8811 if you have questions. We will not respond to emails seeking information related to this program.

We Only Accept Books We Feel We Can Re-Sell

Acceptance of your books and what we will re-sell them for is based upon many factors including

  • desirability
  • current market-value
  • condition
  • age
  • a first edition
  • signed by author
  • genre
  • current stock level

What Do We Accept?

It is hard to say what we will be interested in at any given time as our stock continually changes but generally we are looking for:

paperback and hardback — classics & current literature

All books must be in good condition with legible spines, no writing or highlighting, binding should not be stretched, pages should not be bent and hardbacks should have their dust jackets

What Do We Not Accept?

  • damaged
  • wet or moldy books
  • books in poor condition relative to their age
  • family bibles
  • textbooks
  • encyclopedias
  • book club editions such as Reader’s Digest
  • old travel guides or other books with new editions each year computer/software manualsvery specialized booksadult series romancesadult series westerns
  • outdated political or economic books
  • any book we feel that we can not re-sell

What Do You Need To Do?

If you believe you have books we would like to re-sell please call 908-735-8811 first to make an appointment.

We will not consider your books without an appointment.

Bring your books to the bookshop. All books not accepted must be removed at conclusion of evaluation or they will be considered abandoned.