Subscription Service

The Clinton Book Shop's Subscription Service


The Clinton Book Shop Subscription Service provides a monthly selection of books, specifically chosen by the staff of the Clinton Book Shop, to share with our subscribers. The selection of titles is based upon a short survey you, the subscriber, will complete upon signing-up. This survey provides us with an understanding of what you love so much about books. 


The Clinton Book Shop Subscription Service has books for the youngest of readers and soon to be readers, middle-grade readers, young-adult, and of course, adult readers. You will decide the selection of books you receive. 

You can sign-up for a complete year of books, or if you like, try it  for a six-month trial period.

Although we know you will love every selection, we understand there are those times when you just might not. We provide an easy and fast way to return your selection and replace it with one that better meets your taste in great books. We doubt this will happen as we have an excellent record of matching readers with great titles.   


The cost of the Clinton Book Shop Subscription Service is based upon the average cost of a title for the selected age-group. As a bonus anyone who signs-up now and pays in-full for 12-months will get A FREE BOOK (new release) at the end of their subscription period. Subscriptions are offered for both 12-months and for 6-months. Subscribers can pay in one easy transaction or, if preferred, we can tailor the payment schedule to meet your needs. 

Picture Book Subscription is just $220.00 for one-year

Middle-Grade Subscription is just $220.00 for one-year

Young-Adult Subscription is just $255.00 for one-year 

Adult Fiction Subscription is just $360.00 for one-year

When you click the "SIGN-UP" link, you will be directed to an e-mail addressed to the Clinton Book Shop. 

Simply add your name and phone number to the body of the e-mail and one of our staff will reach-out within 48-hours to get you started. Thank you for trusting us with your literary life. We take our job seriously, you help to make it fun.